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Daily Round Up: Herman Plans To Win The Facilities Arms Race

AI, self-aware lockers are a thing.

NCAA Football: Texas Spring Game John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Herman is getting buy-in from players.

“What I really like is the buy-in level for a lot of the team, much more so than other places I’ve been after the first spring,” Herman said. “I think our guys are genuinely embarrassed by the previous seasons and they’re willing to do anything and everything so that we have a successful season. The thing that I keep saying is the consistent execution of that want-to is definitely where we’re deficient.”

What we know about the depth chart after the spring.

Those hydration charts have been around for years in Texas program. This wasn’t a Herman innovation.

Herman wants to win the facilities arms race.

What will the locker room upgrade look like? Scipio Tex thanks those lockers are a threat to humanity.

Is AD Mike Perrin on his way?

Are early recruiting rankings worthless?

No, it isn’t Texas. What states have the highest number of high school players being recruited?

I know you wanted to see one more map or chart tracking where college football players come from.

Never saw this one coming. The NFL is looking into allegations that everyone’s favorite Land Thief Joe Mixon hit a girl when he was in high school.