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WATCH: Inside the new, state-of-the-art Texas football lockers

Who knew a football locker could pack so much technology?

Texas sports

These aren’t your average football lockers — the new lockers under installation at the Moncrief-Neuhaus athletic complex for the Texas Longhorns football program are truly unlike any other lockers out there.

Not even Alabama will have better lockers than Texas when the renovations are complete.

Here’s James Weiss, the vice president of sales at Longhorn Lockers, taking you through the features that make these lockers so unique:

In addition to the custom-built screens that serve as nameplates and the glowing white doors demanded by head coach Tom Herman, the lockers also feature several patent-pending technologies.

The tray housing the uniform slides out to allow better access by the players and includes a helmet rack that cools the helmet to dry it out on hot or rainy days and a ventilation system that reduces the normal griminess and stench associated with locker rooms.

The only full stainless steel lockers in college football also feature lock boxes for the players with chargers and USB connections, as well as storage and more ventilation underneath the seats.

According to Weiss, Herman wanted durable and modern, but classy enough to stand the test of time.

Weiss is confident that Longhorn Locker rose to the occasion and the results speak for themselves.