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Daily Round Up: Get Over It, Cougars

Tom Herman is not coming back.

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NCAA Football: Texas Spring Game John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

Houston is still peeved Herman left.

"Some of the vitriol confuses me a little bit from the Coog fans considering what we were able to do and accomplish there in 23 months and the fun and wins that we had," Herman told hosts Matt Thomas and Lance Zierlein. "I sleep so easy knowing that I never once lied to a player, never once lied to a recruit, and never once lied to any coaches or administration. Those are the people I care about. Whatever the public thought was happening behind closed doors is really not for me to say. It's unfortunate people can twist and turn things to fit whatever narrative they'd like it to fit."

Herman is going the extra mile so We Are Texas again.

"Texas is one of the most prestigious schools, and we're kinda out of date right now," said safety P.J. Locke, a one-time Oregon commit. "This facility was one of the greatest back then but then everyone upgraded and we stayed here. Herman is this new-school guy and he has to get facilities back on top."

Hiring Chad Morris was a smart decision by SMU.

Morris-to-SMU was regarded as such a natural fit that I think a lot of us simply assumed success, to the point that, when someone annually mentions that Kevin Sumlin might be in trouble at Texas A&M, Morris is regarded as a natural replacement there.

SB Nation’s Solid Verbal looks at the college football hiring process.

The Miami Beach Bowl is moving to Frisco, Texas.

Is anyone looking for a new house in Houston? Tom Herman’s mansion is on the market.