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Texas Longhorns baseball takes down New Orleans 7-1

Texas pulled out an important non-conference victory on Thursday.

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Texas Longhorns baseball (26-15) defeated the New Orleans Privateers (19-19) 7-1 on Friday night to kick off this weekend’s non-conference series at the Disch.

“Texas baseball gets second straight shut out” would’ve been a much cooler headline, but the Longhorns allowed New Orleans to score a run in the bottom of the ninth with two outs.

The run broke Texas’ 18 inning scoreless streak, but the Longhorns still were able to pull out a stress-free victory in a must-win game.

The Longhorns achieved 10 hits on the night, and Patrick Mathis, Kacy Clemens, and Travis Jones all got two. Jones and Clemens also went yard, pushing Texas’ total home runs to 33 (just one shy of 2016’s mark).

Texas plays New Orleans again on Saturday at 4 pm CST. This is your game thread.