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Daily Round Up: We Are Now The Joneses Of Football Lockers

We’re back! Or at least the facilities are.

NCAA Football: Texas Spring Game John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

Connor Williams will return next season with a great quote:

“We just gotta make holes and block with complete faith that the guy behind us can take care of his job,” Williams said. “And if we make big enough holes, it doesn’t matter who’s running it.”

We are the Joneses of football lockers. More on those elite lockers.

Despite the relatively large revenue Texas’ athletic programs generate on a yearly basis, the Longhorns’ facilities paled in comparison to those of other in-state programs and rivals. Texas A&M, TCU and Houston, during the final year of Herman’s tenure, all recently upgraded and modernized their locker rooms to dazzle recruits and provide quality treatment for their football players.


The baseball was shut down in Sugarland by a bunch of Cajuns.

Why did Cameron Rising flip?

“At the same (time) I don’t think there’s any question that Tom Herman is a dogged recruiter. He’s one of these head coaches like Urban Meyer and Nick Saban who realizes recruiting may be as important as anything he does in the film room. He’s that kind of guy.

“So yeah, I think Oklahoma should prepare themselves that the battles in Texas and now in California and nationwide are going to be very real.”

Belated thoughts and condolences go out to D’Onta Foreman and his family.

If only...Charlie Strong should have had this roster at Texas.

Insert your Land Thief jokes here. Schools can now sue boosters and agents that cause NCAA sanctions in Oklahoma.

Jim Harbaugh met the Pope.