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Daily Round Up: Thursday Linkys

Click or don’t click. It’s up to you.

NCAA Football: Texas Spring Game John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

Can you troll trolls? Running backs coach Stan Drayton is trolling the Land Thieves and it is glorious.

We hardly knew you. The loss of Jarrett Allen will hurt Shaka Smart’s program.

I was ready to proclaim Jarrett Allen a top-15 player next season, but we hardly knew him after all. With UT having a bad season and Allen playing in anonymity, his college career is gone in a whoosh.

Tom Herman threw out the first pitch at the Round Rock Express game.

Our uniforms should be Number One on this list.

ESPN is laying off a bunch of people.

Manny Diaz is back in his hometown of Miami.

Steve Spurrier would hate coaching under the NCAA’s new recruiting rules.

"I sort of liked an offseason. There is no offseason now," Spurrier recently told ESPN. "It's year around, and guys go, go, go, but a lot of guys like that. They don't go to the beach. They don't play golf. They don't travel. They don't do other things in life. I think it helped me last 30 years as a head coach because I did have an offseason."

So much for that Aggie’s case of jock itch.

Texas A&M has reportedly removed wide receiver Kirk Merritt from the team. The Bryan Eagle reports that Merritt is no longer listed on the team roster.

Merritt was charged with two counts of indecent exposure after allegedly exposing and touching himself in front of two different tutors at Texas A&M in October.