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Daily Round Up: Herman Debut Just Five Months Away

You can make it, I promise. The next few months will fly by so hang in there.

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Houston v Texas State Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

Tom Herman’s debut is just five months away.

Herman is all about physicality.

"Today was a pretty physical day," Texas coach Tom Herman said following his team's seventh spring practice. "We put the ball down on the 4-yard line and on the goal line. We got after it pretty good."

Could Texas make a run for the college football playoff?

There's no question that the Longhorns will be improved under Herman's watch. Texas has as much potential as any program in the nation. The only question is how quickly can he get it going in the right direction?

Run game coordinator Stan Drayton has a plan.

Around the 40 Acres

This is a great deal for Texas baseball lovers. Go to all home games in April for $39.

The Longhorns had a good day at the Texas Relays.

Eat ‘Em Up! The women’s softball team beat Cougar High.

Chancellor William McRaven’s book comes out tomorrow.