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WATCH: Texas HC Tom Herman demolishes the Longhorns locker room

“Man needs something he can hold onto/Nine-pound hammer or a woman like you/Either one of them things will do.”


Inside the aging Texas Longhorns locker room on Friday morning, head coach Tom Herman had a hard hat, vest, and a sledgehamer in his hand.

It was before 8 a.m CT and Herman was live on Facebook as he prepared to symbolically start the demolition of a locker rooms, a visual symbol of the rebirth of Longhorns football under the school’s 30 head football coach.

Live demolition

Posted by Texas Football on Friday, April 7, 2017

Herman took a ceremonial swing. The seniors — who haven’t experienced a winning season since 2013 for those who redshirted and not at all for the others — also took ceremonial swings.

For Herman, one swing, the recoil of which nearly led him to trip over several sledgehammers on the floor, turned into seven.

Big offensive lineman Tristan Nickelson send the first large shreds flying. Tight end Andrew Beck is left-handed. A walk on ripped off one of the cabinets above the lockers.

Safety Jason Hall? Also left-handed, and in possession of the hardest and most heartfelt swings — nearly out of his shoes.

Somewhere, Vlad Guerrero felt the breeze from those swings and smiled at the kindred soul out there in the universe.

And there were replies. That were on Twitter. Many were dumb, because people really like to say dumb things on Twitter!

My colleague Luke Zimmerman found some of the best.

“The stereotypical ‘less interneting, more footballing’ idiot”:

“The dipshit stereotypical Aggie troll account, as if their program is in much better shape”:

“The jackass who doesn’t understand Twitter and will be a high school coach forever”:

Coach Lira is ready to listen to some Bill Belichick, y’all. Best not keep him waiting.

Progress doesn’t start on his time.

On Tom Herman’s time, however? It happens fast, and fiercely, in a hard hat and with a sledgehammer in hand.