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LOOK: Bill Belichick arrives at Texas for Coaches Clinic


Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

If you Bill Belichick them, they will come.

On Friday, just after the Texas Longhorns began destroying the aged locker room at the football facilities, over 1,000 high school football coaches descended on the campus to hear the New England Patriots coach speak.

Some high school coaches were so eager to hear Belichick that they said dumb things on Twitter about demolishing the facilities, which was a fun thing that people did with sledgehammers, which are fun.*

In any case, the masses will receive their much-demanded Belichick, who arrived on campus at some point just before noon local time:

Don’t think that head coach Tom Herman had to fake that smile — after all, he’s the guy who is one-upping the Texas A&M spring game by drawing a record crowd of high school football coaches with the arguably the biggest draw in football.

His players and his staff will benefit from Belichick’s wisdom, too.

Friday is an important day for Texas football and what the new locker room and Belichick’s presence mean for its future.

One might even break out a self-satisfied smile.

*Unless you have to go full John Henry, as Jeff Haley pointed out, in which case you might end up being a dead prison inmate buried in a mass grave.