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Daily Round Up: Art Briles Was Run Over By That Proverbial Bus

Ian McCaw ran him down, backed up and ran him over again.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Five Horns are headed to NFL camps.

Football is special and it has nothing to do with hard hits.

Camp, more than anyone else, made football intricate. He turned it from a 30-man Royal Rumble into a 22-player sport with distinct roles for distinct types of athletes, coining many of the position names we still use. Through innovations, collaboration, and concessions to a worried public, he’s responsible for the foundation of the puzzle of mini-games that we call football.

It is getting even uglier in Waco. Baylor’s former athletic director is throwing Briles under the proverbial bus.

McCaw told the court that upon learning of the allegations in one specific case at the time, he told then-head coach Art Briles about the matter and Elliott was subsequently suspended from the football team.

Oregon just cleaned up on the recruiting trail.

Alabama won the 2017 NFL Draft.

The NFL could not care less if college players skip their last bowl game.

"The reality is that the NFL doesn't care," one Power 5 college assistant coach said. "At the end of the day, it's about taking the best player, and they don't see that as a big negative the way a college coach sees it."

The remarkable rise of college football official Amanda Sauer.