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Daily Round Up: Texas Is Not A Farm Team

So stop talking about the lack of Big 12 draft picks.

NCAA Football: Texas Spring Game John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

Texas is not a farm team for the NFL.

“It’s not our job to be a farm league,” Texas coach Tom Herman said. “It’s like I tell kids in recruiting. It doesn’t matter if you play at a 1A high school or a 6A high school. If you’re good enough to play at Texas, we’ll find you. The same thing goes true for college. If you’re good enough to play in the NFL, they’re going find you. … It’s irrelevant what conference you played in. It’s irrelevant what school you went to. It’s, did God bless you with enough talent?”

The front line is strong but depth is still an issue.

With that in mind, Herman’s concern about the overall lack of depth within the program is why the summer months, when the focus shifts to conditioning work with Yancy McKnight and the strength staff, will be huge for the biggest Longhorns on the roster.

Texas is still looking for that third QB.

“That’s a very scary proposition to go into a season,” Herman said during a recent interview on 104.9 The Horn in Austin of having only two scholarship quarterbacks. “I think that’s why we’re looking for a guy to come in and compete and provide some depth in that room.”

Herman wants the Horns to be like Michael Jordan.

“It’s learning how to practice, Herman said, per Fox Sports' Bruce Feldman. That practices are not walk-throughs. They’re not jog-throughs. They’re not 'just-take-a-play-off' because it’s just practice. We’re not Allen Iverson. We’re Michael Jordan."

What is Herman’s biggest concern this season?

From swinging at lockers with a sledgehammer to putting posters in bathrooms, Tom Herman has drastically attempted to change the culture at Texas this offseason. Talent has never been the Longhorns' issue, yet Texas faded down the stretch of Charlie Strong's final season. Will the Longhorns have a different mentality come fall? That will be revealed soon enough. -- Trotter

Tom Herman’s RevolUTion is in full effect.

It was great to see three-lifetime Longhorns in the Eastern Conference semifinals game.

Amazing how there were three former Longhorns players on the floor in the Eastern Conference semifinals between the Raptors and Cavs. Joseph scored 20 points with 12 assists and six rebounds, all while he had to defend Kyrie Irving. Or tried to. Same for P.J. Tucker, who I always thought might make it. He went for 14 points and 12 boards but had to work against LeBron James.

There’s a chance Kansas will not be terrible in football.

The American Athletic Conference has become a launching pad for Power 5 coaches.