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Daily Round Up: Finebaum Compared The Conference To The Titanic

And in other news, Finebaum is an idiot.

NCAA Football: SEC-Media Day Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Texas is the first Power 5 school to use state-of-the-art technology to monitor head injuries.

The horns are hot in recruiting right now.

The Land Thieves should just join every conference.

Iowa State’s football team has lots of upsides this season.

This fall, ISU should have its best offense since Wallace was quarterback. The defense is a massive question and will rely on JUCO transfers (albeit well-touted ones) up front. It might not come around enough for the Cyclones to surge to a bowl bid. But we should see enough upside to think that the next three- or four-year term for ISU will be a much happier one.

Paul Finebaum compared the Big 12 to the Titanic.

"I see the Big 12 as a complete trainwreck,” Finebaum told SiriusXM College Sports Nation on Wednesday. “The Big 12 is the Titanic and you can see the iceberg in sight.”

Several Big 12 coaches made CBS Sports’ Top 25 college coaches list.

Here’s a great college football Mother’s Day article. Remember, this Sunday is Mother’s Day so buy your mom a gift.

ESPN (Insider) has an article on the all-time best Texas teams. I wish I could give everyone access, but unfortunately, I can’t. Since BON readers know more than ESPN, what’s your take on the best Longhorn team of all-time?