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Daily Round Up: Bears, Gang Rape, Video & Dog Fights

Oh, my.

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The next two months will make or break the Longhorn’s season.

The Oklahoma State game is listed on ESPN’s 2017 high-stakes games list and the USC game is on FoxSport’s non-conference must-watch list.

Herman’s recruiting class continues to move up the chart.

Good Bull Hunting thinks Tom Herman’s “coolness” is tiresome and forced and they are obsessed with Herman’s golf bag.

Bears just doing Bear things. Baylor has been hit with the seventh Title IX lawsuit. And there’s probably video.

The suit alleges the woman confirmed at least one video exists of several Baylor football players gang raping two female students, and that the video was circulated among football players. Football parties also routinely staged dog fighting, the lawsuit alleged.