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Daily Round Up: What Is The Future Of Football?

It’s not what you think.

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NCAA Football: Texas Spring Game John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

Freshman shortstop David Hamilton is arguably the best defensive player on the baseball team this season.

Hamilton’s proficiency with the glove at shortstop played a big role in the Longhorns’ 4-1 win over UT-Arlington Tuesday. The freshman had a hand in all four of the crucial double plays that Texas turned in order to hold the Mavericks to only one run in the game.

The women’s softball team clinched a spot in the Big 12 Tournament after sweeping Kansas last weekend.

Seven-lifetime Longhorns are making a splash in the NBA playoffs.

The two schools in that useless state just north of Texas should do well next season.

If we grade the conference by the NFL draft, then we suck.

It fell behind the mid-major AAC in total picks and not faring much better in average picks per team. Three other mid-majors aren’t too far behind the Big 12, either.

If you took out Oklahoma, the Big 12 would’ve ranked right in the middle of the mid-majors. If we counted all FCS teams in one group, the Big 12 would rank behind that one as well.

Major Applewhite is under some serious pressure in Houston.

A lot of high school players are not worried about concussions.

High school football remains a force. There are more than a million high schoolers playing football in the United States in a given year. We can’t know how all of them feel about head injuries, but we can guess that they feel differently from older players who are now leaving the game.

The spread offense has changed football.

What is football’s future?

The game needs to change. It has changed once before, when football was a smaller pastime largely limited to colleges and universities. It still took a standing president of the United States’ intervention to temper the violence of the sport — and only then, after actual deaths occurred on the field. The game wasn’t the heavily leveraged, culturally embedded, and highly lucrative billion-dollar industry it is today. The odds of significant change happening now without legal intervention, given what the sport is and who profits most from it, are very, very long.

The student that stabbed four students on UT”s campus had previous mental issues, according to UT Austin Police Chief David Carter.

Please keep the family and friends of Harrison Brown in your thoughts and prayers.