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Daily Round Up: No Excuses

Herman better win and win soon.

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NCAA Football: Texas Spring Game John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN has published a ‘No Excuse’ list.

While the Oklahoma schools are justifiably projected atop the Big 12, Texas shouldn't be too far behind in Herman's debut season, especially if the Longhorns capitalize during the second half of the slate.

The Rowing team finished fourth at the NCAA Championship.

Bear news. Pepper-Hamilton shifted their relationship to shield Baylor establish attorney-client privilege.

Midway through a nine-month probe into Baylor University’s institutional response to sexual violence, the investigating law firm and the university revised their legal relationship to, in anticipation of litigation, conceal the investigation’s most damning findings, documents filed in a Title IX lawsuit initiated by 10 alleged sexual assault victims state.

The good news? Baylor’s new football coach actually said something smart about preventing sexual assault.

Vince Young wants to make his mark in Canada.

Congratulations to lifetime Longhorn Raymond Clayton.

Vegas thinks Texas could win 7.5 games next season.