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5-star SF Brian Bowen reportedly enrolls at Louisville

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It appears Cardinals got the last work and the All-American small forward’s pledge.

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The mysterious and seemingly never-ending recruitment of five-star small forward Brian Bowen will soon reach its conclusion, if it hasn’t already behind the scenes.

On Thursday, Bowen announced on Twitter that he’ll be concluding his recruitment and committing to one of a variety of potential suitors on Saturday afternoon, but reports indicate he’s already enrolled at the school of his choice—Louisville.

According to a report from the Louisville Courier-Journal, Bowen’s status has changed within the school’s registrar’s office from applicant to enrolled for the summer session.

“U of L's registrar's office, through a school spokesman, said Bowen's status changed from application to matriculation and that he enrolled in classes for the summer term.”

The Bowen-to-Louisville buzz comes off as a bit of another late surprise, but it’s perfectly in line with how out of the ordinary his recruitment has been down the stretch. Despite picking up his Louisville offer back in 2014, communication between the two sides died down before recently sparking back up within the last week, and in a big way.

Bowen then unofficially visited Louisville over the Memorial Day weekend and the Cardinals have since surged in his recruitment.

If Bowen is, in fact, committed to Louisville and his Saturday announcement is simply to announce what’s now trickled out through the cracks, the Cardinals will once again be stacked in 2017-18. Rick Pitino’s squad is already projected as a top 10 team and the addition of Bowen on the wing will only bolster next season’s expectations.

Oregon, DePaul, Texas, Creighton, North Carolina and N.C. State were all considered realistic potential suitors, as well, with the Longhorns being the most recent—excluding Louisville—to pick up perceived momentum in Bowen’s recruitment.