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Herman’s On Track To Win A Natty

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Daily Round Up: June 15, 2017

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NCAA Football: Fiesta Bowl-Ohio State vs Clemson Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

How does the 2017 football schedule look?

What are Herman’s chances to win a national championship at Texas? Everyone’s favorite SEC homer thinks the chances are good.

Things are testy with LSU. Now Belhaven coach Hal Mumme turned them in for blocking the camp.

LSU has put their state on lockdown.

Given the amount of talent in Louisiana, it's easy to see why any LSU coach wants to put Louisiana on lockdown. According to the NCAA, the state has the third-highest percentage of football players recruited by a Division I program.

LSU did try to hire Tom Herman so maybe there’s even more to Ed Orgeron’s Texas blockade.

Bob Stoops’ retirement will have an impact.

Coach Tom Herman already was winning head-to-head battles against Oklahoma in the 2018 cycle. The Longhorns are rolling in a way that is similar to the early 2000s under Mack Brown. Now with Stoops retired, Texas will be ready to take every advantage if the Sooners take a step back on the field this season under Lincoln Riley. ESPN 300's Jaylen Waddle, Brennan Eagles and Jaquayln Crawford are among the Lone Star State prospect to watch to determine if the Sooners will be hit hard in the coming weeks by Stoops’ retirement.

Here is your very early Big 12 preview.