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Oh No You Don’t Gene Simmons

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Daily Round Up: June 19, 2017

Public Memorial Held For Music Icon Chuck Berry Photo by Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

Tom Herman’s thoughts on being on the cover of DCTF.

The Dallas Morning News ranks the top Texas football players, 25-21.

Herman lost his father to addiction and this is his motivation to be a father-like figure in their lives.

"And if a player is about to go put a pair of shoulder pads and helmet on and go run into a bunch of people - get into 80 car accidents, basically -- for three hours for me and the team, I'm going to kiss 'em and tell 'em I love 'em and tell 'em I'm proud of them and 'Thank you.' "

Fun with Tom Herman. This is why Tom Herman is killing it on the recruiting trail. His players love him. And here’s a few fun Herman outtakes.

Greg Fenves calls out Gene Simmons for trying to trademark our sign.

Another proud moment for the Land Thieves.