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Ed Orgeron Needs To Get Over His Texas Issues

Daily Round Up: June 22, 2017

Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl - LSU v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Is there a future NFL star on the Texas defense?

NFL writer Chase Goodbread, says of Jefferson: “The Longhorns have the most promising defensive player in the Big 12 in Jefferson, a 6-foot-3, 240-pound cornerstone for new coach Tom Herman’s first defense at UT.”

Tom Herman and Lincoln Riley should put the rival back into the OU-Texas rivalry game.

An ode to the fullback.

The fullback position is dying out in today’s game of football. Gone are the days of the I-formation, Wing-T, Power-I, and offenses like the Wishbone being used on an every down. A fullback’s primary job is to block. He is usually a decent runner, but is not always featured in certain offenses. In college football, many teams run spread heavy offenses. This sometimes cuts the fullback right out of certain offensive packages. Some fullbacks are being turned into H-Backs, a combination of a blocking fullback and a tight end. In high school, college and the NFL, fullbacks are getting fewer opportunities to be involved in spread offenses.

Do you know who the coached the football team in 1942?

Bob Stoops can now play all the golf he wants.

LSU coach Ed Orgeron needs to get over himself.

Ease up, Big Ed. I’m fine with these camps. If one or two players get a scholarship out of them who otherwise would not, it’s a good thing. So what if a recruit in your area gets away? Happens all the time, and there’s not a thing wrong with it. About the kids, remember. Oh, right. It’s not. It’s about coaches and their big salaries and bigger egos.

You should never leave mom alone at freshman orientation.

We love Bevo, but I wouldn’t drive him around in my car.

The five reasons I hate summer? Off-season, off-season, off-season, off-season, and off-season. Only 71 days to go until the Maryland game.