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Texas baseball season ends with 2-1 loss to LBSU

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That was painful. And fitting.

Brian Hoang

A once-promising postseason start for the Texas Longhorns finally reached a painful collapse early Tuesday morning when the host Long Beach State Dirtbags recorded the final out in an ugly 2-1 win to advance to the Super Regional.

The win for the Dirtbags was the third in two days and the second straight over the ‘Horns after suffering a close defeat on Sunday evening.

Of the three runs scored in the game, none were earned for either team, as the Texas defense once again made key mistakes as the offense failed to record clutch hits.

And on another mild night in Southern California, there were no excuses this time in the fledgling David Pierce era — the home-plate umpire was credible the entire evening and a bottom line emerged in that the Longhorns didn’t respond at the plate mentally to the difficult loss on Saturday, the pitching wasn’t good enough, the play at catcher was shoddy once again, and Pierce did little to help his team.

This was painful and deserved.

Pierce and his staff deserve time to demonstrate further progress and get players that fit their vision in place, but there is clearly some work to do after the heartening results in his first two postseason contests with the Longhorns.

The Long Beach State coaches were better over the last three days, the Dirtbag program is clearly built in the vision of head coach Troy Buckley, and the Longhorns didn’t have the competitive greatness to overcome.