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An Ode To Bob Stoops

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Daily Round Up: June 9, 2017

NCAA Football: Oklahoma Spring Game Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

There is no smoking gun.

"There is no smoking gun whatsoever," said Stoops. "Anyone who knows me knows that's the case. Nothing health wise. I guess people have a hard time when someone just makes the decision to handle their life the way they want to — and step away in a proper fashion and hand something off that's so good, but that really is just the way it is," said Stoops.

Stoops was flexible and that fueled his 18-year run in Norman.

Can Lincoln Riley upgrade the Sooner recruiting talent?

But given that Texas recruiting is now rolling under new coach Tom Herman, a prolific pitchman, Oklahoma’s recruiting landscape has become more difficult. Texas recently flipped Oklahoma’s QB commitment, Cam Rising. And as of this writing, the Sooners do not hold a commitment from any of the top 50 players in the state of Texas.

It’s all about us. Can Riley and Herman make the rivalry great again?

All that money is not necessarily buying happiness in the Big 12. It has publicly and awkwardly pondered expansion, and Oklahoma President David Boren cannot resist feeding Sooners fans dreams of a future in the Big Ten or SEC. It is fair to wonder if when the Big 12's billion-dollar TV deal expires in 2025, the Big 12 will, too. How this plays out is impossible to predict, but this much is certain: Big 12 football cannot thrive without Oklahoma and Texas thriving. And for that to happen, Herman and Riley need to deliver on their star potential.

Bob Stoops had one huge failure at OU.

Also, while he was at Oklahoma, Bob Stoops botched multiple cases involving violence against women involving players at the University of Oklahoma, and set an awful example by doing so for the university and the sport as a whole.

Even though Stoops is gone, don’t underestimate the Land Thieves in 2017.

Because this is all anyone should really care about...How will God’s conference will the SEC remember Bob Stoops?

Stoops recently bought a second home in Chicago.