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Media Day One Wrap Up

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Days Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Commish Bowslby does not appreciate the conference criticism.

"That's a really short window," Bowlsby said. "It get a little tiresome, because I know we play at a very high level, and I know that, top to bottom, we're the best in the country in terms of balance. And I know that the method by which we conduct our championships and conduct our regular season is the most difficult."

Adding a title game is not about money.

The Big 12 is bringing back a football championship game this season -- and commissioner Bob Bowlsby says it's all about helping conference teams get into the College Football Playoff.

Bob Stoops killed Big 12 defense.

"It was really pretty quick; Bob's not exactly a talkative guy, anyway," Leach said before recounting Stoops' pitch: "'Hey Mike, you probably heard I just got the head job at the University of Oklahoma. Would you be interested in being the offensive coordinator? I want to run all that stuff you guys did at Kentucky.'"

And with that, the virus that would debilitate the Big 12's defenses was unleashed.

The theme of rookie coaches took up a lot of air time today.

The Jayhawks are still enjoying that win over Texas last season.

Remember former Aggie QB Kenny Hill? Yes, he is still in Ft. Worth.

Right. OU’s Baker Mayfield has found a new perspective through community service.

The best part of Media Days? Mascots.

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