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LOOK: Texas finishes locker-room renovations ahead of big recruiting event

Behold the glory.

Texas Sports

The three-month-long renovation of the Texas Longhorns locker room that began in April with head coach Tom Herman and players theatrically demolishing the old lockers has is now complete.

Here’s are some glimpses of what the new locker room looks like:

Matt Lange, the recently-hired Creative Director for the program, hailed the new locker room as incomparable:

For some added perspective, understand that Lange worked for Alabama before leaving Tuscaloosa for Austin.

Back in April, the official account for the ‘Horns led fans on a virtual tour of the locker room:

So when Friday’s “Stars at Night” recruiting event begins, prospects will have a chance to see the new locker rooms for themselves, which could help bolster Texas with some of the top prospects in the 2018 and 2019 classes.