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Texas S&C coach Yancy McKnight has remade OT Connor Williams in his image, too

Defensive tackles Chris Daniels and Tope Imade aren’t the only players to have made big offseason progress.

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Days Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, Texas Longhorns offensive tackle Connor Williams, an All-American projected as one of the top left tackles if he declares for the 2018 NFL Draft, made an appearance at the Big 12 Media Days representing the program.

And it was obvious from pictures at the event that the Coppell product, who has always been in excellent shape for a lineman, is now stronger and more lean:

In an interview session, he revealed the impact strength and conditioning coach Yancy McKnight has had on his body since arriving with head coach Tom Herman:

Listed at 6’6, Williams now weighs in the range of 310 pounds after he was listed at 320 during the spring.

Additionally, redshirt freshmen defensive tackles Chris Daniels and Tope Imade, the latter a former offensive linemen, have both lost more than 60 pounds combined, while Daniels appears to be notably stronger than he was during the spring.

The three players provide some perspective on how much success Knight has had with his strength and conditioning program heading into the season.

Now the hope is that the increased strength and conditioning level of the three linemen is approximated by the rest of the players in the program. If that’s the case, McKnight’s work could have a big impact on the field this fall.