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Horns Are Getting Healthy

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Daily Round Up: August 14, 2017

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Texas Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

What does it take to play quarterback for Tom Herman?

"When you play quarterback for Coach Herman, you've got to be tough as nails," said Barrett, who started for Herman in 2014. "You get a lot of respect [from] him when you are tough, just because playing quarterback is not an easy job. Sometimes people receive [quarterbacks] as guys who get all the attention and soft guys, wussy dudes, I don't even know. But people don't understand it's tough, not just mentally but also physically."

Herman’s practices are intense.

The Horns are healing.

The most positive update on Monday centered around running back Chris Warren III, who Herman said was back on the field in non-contact participation after suffering a concussion last week. As long as Warren is symptom-free in the next 24 hours, Herman said, the junior will be released to fully return to practice at that time.

Brace yourselves for the worst. We’re going to get beat by Baylor.

A battle has been raging off the football field.

That would be the Longhorns and new coach Tom Herman. His staff has been treating the recruiting trail, especially in Texas, like its own personal talent pool. In the latest recruiting rankings, Texas has the nation’s No. 2 class for 2018.

The men’s basketball team is in Australia.

Longhorn Sophia Schubert won the U.S. Women's Amateur Final.