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Who Can Beat The Sooners?

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Daily Round Up: August 15, 2017

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Days Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Horns are looking for depth at cornerback.

Herman understands that special teams are just as important as any other unit on the field.

Herman’s focus on special teams is evident going back to his early days as special teams coordinator at Sam Houston State, as his wife recently uncovered on Twitter. In a recent press conference, Herman proclaimed that players on special teams were starters, and that plays off were not to be taken during special teams duty.

Who has the best chance of beating Oklahoma this season?

Bears being bears. Baylor’s athletic department stopped randomly drug testing their student-athletes for marijuana and other recreational drugs.

According to Baylor regents and other administrators, its athletics department avoided random drug testing because of the university's overall strict policy against marijuana use, in which one reported incident might lead to suspension for a semester and a second incident could result in expulsion. Since the university's strict conduct code might derail a student-athlete's career, athletic department officials didn't think it was fair to subject them to random testing.

The trend for 2017 is minimal. College football teams are dialing back on garish colorful uniforms.

Former Arkansas coach and athletic director Frank Broyles passed away.