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Does Texas Deserve A Top 25 Ranking?

Daily Round Up: August 16, 2017

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Texas Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Herman is impressed with the effort during practice.

“I was very proud of the effort, compared to any point during the spring,” Herman said. “You could tell that the guys were making a conscious decision to give great effort.”

DeShon Elliot needs to play like a veteran.

Colin Johnson should be a breakout star in 2017.

The Longhorns sophomore looks like a full-grown man and he’s only 19. He’s totally ripped and should be a poster boy for strength and conditioning coach Yancy McKnight’s offseason program even though he says he hasn’t gained any weight. He’s listed at 6-6, 215 pounds, and chuckled Tuesday when asked if he’s still growing. When confronted with wide receiver coach Drew Mehringer’s comment/motivation that Johnson wasn’t physical enough to be an elite receiver, Johnson said, “I’m not scared of a challenge. I appreciate him being honest.”

The punter believes Herman is all in on special teams.

After Wednesday’s practice, Dickson left no doubt that Herman “takes everything seriously” when it comes to special teams. That shouldn’t be a surprise, really. Herman was the special teams coach at Sam Houston State from 2001-04.

SI’s Andy Staples doesn't believe Texas deserves a top 25 ranking.

Former Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze’s calls to escorts lined up with recruiting trips.

Charlie Strong has the talent at South Florida to have a good season.