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Herman Is Living The Dream

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Daily Round Up: August 2, 2017

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Days Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We’re waiting for that fabulous D-Line depth to magically appear.

“If those guys are playing 75 plays a game, we’re in trouble,” Herman said. “[The backups] have to pick it up for us to feel good about our D-line.”

Tom Herman isn’t surprised at the recruiting success to date. In fact, he expected it to go his way:

“I thought it could [happen],” Herman said on Wednesday. “We did it at Houston before we ever coached a game as a group, let alone coached a game at whatever place we’re at. I think there’s a lot of testimony to back up how we do things.”

Herman is living the dream.

"I show recruits all of these things and say, 'How often do you really get to get hired at their dream job?' It's very rare, very, very rare," Herman said. "Has it affected me in that I feel lucky and humbled? Certainly. I'm so grateful. I understand how special this place is. Not that every coach doesn't do their best and give it their all and all that, but I think when your heart is invested in it, it gives you that little bit of extra."

Athlon Sports has game-by-game predictions for Texas.

The Land Thieves are mixing up the best of two offenses for a possibly lethal attack.

Most spread teams don’t love putting their slot receiver in the confined space of the boundary, since their principal aim is to get that guy in open grass. That’s not necessarily true for OU here. OU’s ability to blend size, power, and finesse in this package allows it to enjoy the best of both spread tactics and downhill football.

Who has the best looking recruiting letter?

This is a day in the life of a basketball coach recruiting in the

LSU’s Maea Teuhema has been suspended. Here’s a refresher if you wonder why you might be interested.

Ara Parseghian passed away.