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Are Texas Fans Happy?

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Daily Round Up: August 23, 2017

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NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Texas Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Shane Buechele will be the starter.

Herman has put Buechele through the ultimate test against new DC Todd Orlando’s extremely difficult schemes and multiple looks. Buechele has had “some ups and downs,” according to Herman, but it’s all part of the battery of tests to get Buechele ready for the competition from live opponents.

Will there be a top-10 performance for the Horns this season? It could happen.

Is Texas D-line ready for Maryland?

Herman sounded as optimistic as ever following Monday’s practice about what’s behind Poona Ford, Chris Nelson and Malcolm Roach. The options for Todd Orlando and Oscar Gileswhen it comes to sending reserves into a game include names the staff couldn’t count on being in the mix back in the spring who’ve worked hard over the summer to earn snaps against the Terrapins and beyond.

ESPN ranked the happiness of college football fan bases.

Bill Frisbie and Michael Pearle give fans insight into the most exciting games ever played by the Horns.

ESPN removed an announcer from a Charlottesville game broadcast crew because his name was Robert Lee.

When the he&% does the college football season start?

There’s a book out about Baylor.

The regents were informed of an interview one regent said came "straight out of a script of victim blaming," between the former Baylor police chief Jim Doak and a woman reporting an assault. According to the regents, the investigation revealed statements like, "Honey, don't you know that if you wouldn't have been out drinking, this wouldn't have happened to you? What are your parents going to say?" (Doak did not reply to multiple requests for an interview.) The regents heard about a woman who showed the attorneys a list of the 27 people she had to recount her assault to in order to switch majors to the business school so as to avoid encountering her alleged perpetrator.

The Big 12 shouldn’t get its hopes up about the college football playoff.