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College Football Is Back!

Daily Round Up: August 25, 2017

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Clemson vs Alabama Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Stock the refrigerator with food and beer and make sure the remote batteries are good. Even if it isn’t a Power 5 game, you can watch college football this weekend. There is even a game on Sunday.

Need a CF preview? SB Nation has you covered.

Herman is impressed with his defense.

Shane Buechele learned the hard way that the starting QB isn’t immune to discipline.

If Buechele didn’t already know before Herman arrived, he learned quickly that the starting quarterback isn’t immune to discipline. For the first time since the incident happened, Buechele talked about having to do up-downs during the first spring practice after Herman verbally undressed him for displaying poor ball security.

“You make a mistake you pay for it,” Buechele said. “That’s just taking accountability for what you do take the consequences for it.”

Texas fans need immediate gratification, Tom.

The sooner, the better. Herman is not a patient man.

"Tom will be boisterous and there will be times where you might have to keep a thumb on him," Rhoades said last month, "but it's always a positive. Tom wants to get everything done and get it done now, immediately. There's not any patience for taking some time to get it done."

Which Big 12 has the most to prove this season? It isn’t who you think.

ESPN has a reason for taking a guy named Robert Lee off a game crew broadcast team.

What teams ended up on ESPN’s most binge worthy watch list?

Kirk Herbstreit believes TCU will win the Big 12.

Texas and Mexico advance to Little League World Series title games.