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The Season Has Arrived

Daily Round Up: August 29, 2017

TCU v Texas Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

Sing along, you know the words.

Heartland Sports has a game preview.

How does Texas stack up against Maryland?

Here are some things you need to know about the Terrapins.

Texas needs a defense that can withstand the air raid.

One thing Herman has said recently is that if Texas is going to move from the seven-loss plateau upon which the program is currently marooned, it will be because of the defense. The Longhorns have the kind of athletes who should be able to slow Big 12 offenses, but those athletes didn’t cover well enough or make enough open-field tackles last season. Texas ranked 93rd in the nation in yards allowed per pass attempt (7.7), and during a three-game stretch that included losses to Cal, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma, the Longhorns allowed an atrocious 11.9 yards per attempt.

Reporters have voted Herman as their no. 1 choice for most overrated coach.

Here was one time you couldn’t blame former OC Greg Davis.

“Mack Brown is calling to Greg Davis saying, ‘Is it two or one?’” Herman said. “(Greg’s) looking at me. I just froze. We called a timeout actually … Mack kind of chastised Greg a little bit, saying, ‘We can’t use a timeout, that’s unacceptable’ … I’ll never forget that night because of that.”

Here are some of my favorite clips to hold you over until Saturday.

Colt Mccoy’s TD run against A&M.

Jordan Shipley’s kickoff return against OU for a TD.

Quan Cosby’s block on OU’s Lendy Holmes.

You can never go wrong with video of Rhett Bomar getting laid out by Texas.

Case McCoy beats OU in 2013. Yes, the Land Thieves were bested by Case McCoy.

And, there is this, possibly greatest play in Longhorn football history.

What are your favs? Post below in the comments.