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The LHN Is A Complete Waste Of A Network

Daily Round Up: September 11, 2017

BYU v Texas Photo by Erich Schlegel/Getty Images

It was a good win on Saturday.

Sam Ehlinger is living his dream.

“It’s such a surreal moment for me,” Ehlinger said after the game. “Being at the games growing up — literally growing up, maturing in that stadium, literally from when I could walk to now — it was a great feeling.”

Tom Herman thought Ehlinger’s first start was good.

“For that being his first collegiate start, that was good,” Herman said. “I thought he was very poised in the pocket. However, I thought there were times he wasn’t seeing the coverage as well, and there were some throws to be made, and he was handing onto it a little bit too long.”

Jerrod Heard might see some time behind center.

All the angst about the Longhorn Network was a waste of time.

The creation of LHN derailed a conference, acted as another drag on a cable network, gave UT even more money than it already had and, in the end, failed to create the imbalance as feared. Likely because no one is watching it.

The Aggies aren’t the only ones who re-write history to suit their whims.

USC is a big favorite.

The Trojans opened as a 14-point favorite over the Longhorns, per Sports Book Review. The consensus line moved to 17 points by Sunday nigh

It appears Baker Mayfield is still a jerk, but the Sooners are legit.

Please suppress the laughter. The Bears have had a rough start.

Some useless excuse for a human being sent a racist letter to Kevin Sumlin’s family. Charlene Sumlin wants the police to press charges.