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Texas LB Malik Jefferson jokes about nickname of USC RB Ronald Jones II

Heated rivalry? Not exactly, but there are some storylines.

Stanford v USC Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Texas Longhorns linebacker Malik Jefferson and USC Trojans running back Ronald Jones II are familiar with each other, with both hailing from the Metroplex in the 2015 class, they just aren’t exchanging pleasantries this week.

There’s still some seemingly juicy storylines, though — Jones appeared to throw the ‘Horns down after he scored a touchdown against the Cardinal last weekend.

And Jefferson seemingly took a swipe at Jones on Tuesday in reference to the nickname of the Trojans running back.

But Jones claims that he was signaling a Triple D for North Dallas, not disrespecting the Longhorns, and Jefferson was just having a little fun.

About that whole Tesla thing, though? Tesla’s may not be loud, but they can be pretty explosive — the Model S P85D can blast to 60 miles per hour in 3.1 seconds while pulling 1g of acceleration.

Jefferson may need to rethink that explosive part.

More importantly, Jones already has 275 yards and five touchdowns rushing this season, with a few previous explosive runs in his impressive USC career — he meets the definition as well as the electric car built by Elon Musk.

So there’s no bulletin board material here, just two former Texas high school football stars who will meet under the bright lights of the Coliseum on Saturday with the nation watching.

With the season-opening Texas loss to Maryland, the stakes aren’t particularly high on a national level, but there are certainly local bragging rights on the line.

That’s no small thing in the Lone Star State, especially for the hopes of Longhorns football.