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“They are who we thought they were”

Hope for the best, but EXPECT the worst. Until further notice.

Maryland v Texas
Sophopmore Shane Buechele attempts to break free from Maryland defenders in Saturday’s home loss
Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Every one take a deep breath.

And another..

Now ask yourself: did you really expect things to be THAT different THAT fast for the Texas Longhorns against the Maryland Terrapins on Saturday?

Like most, I thought Texas would be better. I believed that the proverbial cake was baked, and that this could potentially be a 10-win team. However, deep down I was nervous.

The amount of expectations levied on this team were at a level not experienced by any Texas team since Colt McCoy roamed the Forty Acres. Deep down, I believed that what happened today was a distinct possibility.

Could they handle the media hype that accompanied one of the flashiest coaching hires in recent memory? The answer was no. Texas looked tight, afraid to make a mistake, and unsure about what was coming next.

Maybe we should have listened to Tom Herman when he said two weeks ago that this team was not a top-25 team.

“We are a 5-7 football team ” Herman opined. “You are what your record says you are.”

I firmly believe Texas will win more than five games this year. The Longhorns responded well to adversity in Saturday’s loss, even though mental errors ultimately did them in. But keep in mind, this team is only nine months removed from losing to Kansas.

Expect there to be adjustments throughout the week. Sam Ehlinger could get a look at starting quarterback. Chris Warren III may overtake Kyle Porter at running back. There should also be shuffling at the linebacker and cornerback positions. Expect this team to rebound, expect this team to fight, but do not expect anything else.

Not 10 wins, not a bowl win, nothing.

Texas cannot handle expectations. They haven’t been able to for almost a decade now. It’s time for fans to stop pushing such high expectations on a team that has one bowl win since 2012.

Hope for the best, but EXPECT the worst. Until further notice.

Learning to be discipline takes time. Changing a culture takes even more time. Making Texas great again is going to be a process. A process Longhorn fans will have to learn to trust.