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Primal Screams

Daily Round Up: September 20, 2017

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Texas v USC Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Tom Herman spoke to the media on Tuesday evening after practice.

Sam Ehlinger left a great impression on USC:

“[Ehlinger] is a great QB, he’s a great player, very athletic," Nwosu said. "The calm that he had, able to play under pressure and get his team going and not affected by things. It’s like what you see in Sam [Darnold], being able to make a play and look to the sideline, get the next play and continue on, not paying attention to the crowd. He’s a very good athlete and total respect to him.”

Armanti Foreman is moving up the depth chart.

Steve Buechele is receiving most of the reps this week.

It got a little loud around the Herman house last Sunday.

“No tears,” he said. “There were some primal screams. One in the shower and one when I got home.”

The volleyball team swept UTSA as they head into Big 12 play.

The Big 12 Championship Game at AT&T Stadium will kickoff off at 11:30 a.m. (12:30 EST) on FOX.

Why is this still a thing? A PAC AD talks Texas in the PAC 12 conference.

Asked about Texas’ flirtation with joining the Pac-12, Swann said, “A lot of people probably thought that was something that wouldn’t happen. It seemed too far-fetched. But you look at how the Pac-12 could have been with the Texas market as part of the package, it makes a lot of sense.”