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Yes, There’s A Chance Texas Can Be Great

Daily Round Up: September 26, 2017

Texas v USC Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The running game is the focus this week.

“When you can run the football, you can pretty much control the game and do what you want to do,” offensive coordinator Tim Beck said. “We were unable to do that (against USC). We were unable to run the football, which hindered us.”

Linebacker Naashon Hughes is ready for Thursday:

“We’re foaming at the mouth over there,” Hughes said. “We’ve been hitting each other for a week and a half now. I’m glad the game is on Thursday, honestly. Just because we want to go out there — we proved last week that we could play with anybody, now (we want to) go out there and show that again.”

Is Texas improving under Herman?

And that defense showed up. I mean, they have been softer than Charmin. Paper mache was offering more resistance than the Texas defense going back to that Maryland game and going back to last season. They came in and were hunting against USC and that is a very good offense.

Are we headed for another nail-biter against Iowa State?

Texas has a chance to be great.

Texas Football has a puncher’s chance the rest of this season to be great, not good, but great. There isn’t a game on the schedule that I think we’re out of yet. That includes the 11am, wax beer cup meeting with the Land Thieves.

They have already named the Texas-USC game as one of the best in 2018.

The Texas and OU football programs are worth over a billion dollars. Sorry, Ags...S-E-C, S-E-C, S-E-C, S-E-C.

For Kilff Kingsbury, it’s all about the turnovers.

How did the national anthem get tangled up in sports? I don’t post anything about politics, but this is a historical look at the issue.