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Texas OC Tim Beck expected to rejoin team Monday evening

As of Monday’s press conference, Beck was awaiting discharge from the hospital.

Tim Beck
Jeff Howe (247Sports)

Following five days in the hospital to treat an elbow infection that required surgery, Texas Longhorns offensive coordinator Tim Beck is expected to return to the football facilities on Monday, head coach Tom Herman said during his weekly press conference.

“He is awaiting his discharge from the hospital as we speak,” Herman said. “I think he’s got a doctor’s appointment scheduled at 1:00 to get an injection of some sort of antibiotics.”

Beck was taken to the hospital last Wednesday after practice when he developed a fever associated with his infected elbow, which he’d been trying to “tough out,” according to Herman. Doctors ultimately performed surgery to clean out the infected area.

As a result, Beck missed Saturday’s game against Kansas State, but he has been going through normal game-week preparations, Herman said.

“It’s not like he’s been incapacitated. So he’s had his laptop with him. He’s kind of done all of the normal things that you would do on a Monday morning from a game prep standpoint.

“And we’ve been in communication with him and we’ll kind of all pull our ideas together this afternoon and finalize at least what we do most of Monday is spent on first and second down, normal down and distance, normal field zones.

“So finalize that game plan tomorrow and then I would imagine he’ll be fully ready to then help us game plan and practice for third down and red zone and stuff like that following later in the week.”