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Texas SDE commit T’Vondre Sweat is as good as advertised

The #fUTure19 standout was able to impact the game in a multitude of ways and he’s looking to do the same sooner than later in Austin.

T’Vondre Sweat
Joe Hamilton

The Texas Longhorns gained one of their first commitments of the 2019 recruiting class in late February when three-star Huntsville strong-side defensive end T’Vondre Sweat decided to put an end to his recruitment.

The #fUTure19 trailblazer is one of two commits that the Longhorns have in the trenches on the defensive side of the ball. George Ranch weak-side defensive end Peter Mpagi and Sweat hold similar perceptions on the recruiting trail — college coaching staffs around the nation have recognized both commits for their potential at the next level, but have received consensus three-star ratings in the 247Sports Composite rankings.

While Sweat does not have the same star power as other defensive line prospects in the nation, he was still heavily sought after by top Power Five schools like Alabama, Missouri, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, TCU, and Texas A&M.

Head coach Tom Herman and defensive line coach Oscar Giles have been extremely high on Sweat and believe that he can be an impact player for them in the future. Sweat is also a believer in himself and his ability, but after Herman and Giles made a visit to see him in action last week, that solidified their confidence in him.

“It makes me feel really proud to know that they took the time out to come watch me,” Sweat told Burt Orange Nation. “I feel like they think I can come in as a freshman and contribute. They think I can be a dog at my position and take care of what I’m supposed to take care of.”

The way that the Longhorns are performing have many recruits excited for the future. Sweat is blown away by Texas and how they’ve bounced back after the first game of the season.

“I love what [Texas] is doing,” Sweat said. “We’re 6-1. From that one game we lost, we learned from it, and now we’re undefeated from that. Just have to take it one game at a time. I feel real good about Texas.”

The Texas defense is on a roll this season, and that’s due to the performance of a few young freshmen. The fact that the Texas coaching staff is playing guys that are deserving — no matter their class — is appealing to many commits and recruits. Sweat is one of those incoming players that is thrilled by that.

“Texas’ defense has been real good,” Sweat said. “They’re playing a lot of freshman and young players. That makes me feel like I go in and play early.”

Defensive coordinator Todd Orlando and Giles see Sweat being productive in the same strong-side defensive end spot. Sweat is focused on improving in places he can get better in and is ready to receive strength and conditioning coach Yancy McKnight’s workout strategy so he can make an instant impression.

“They still want me at the same position, playing at the 4i,” Sweat said. “I just have to continue to get faster and a little bigger in the weight room. Once I get that workout plan, I’m going to take that real serious. I’m trying to come in and play as a true freshman.”

Sweat was able to make an impact against Lamar Consolidated in numerous ways. When he wasn’t able to get to the quarterback, he got his hands up and used his length to tip multiple passes.

When he was able to get to the quarterback, he did so with good quickness off the ball and the hip flexibility to turn the corner on the opposing offensive tackle. He was also active and physical working down the line of scrimmage against the run.

At 6’3 and 249 pounds, Sweat is ranked as the No. 748 player in the country and No. 94 overall prospect in the state, according to the 247Sports Composite rankings.