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Keeping expectations in check is of the utmost importance for Texas

As Tom Herman’s team starts to enjoy the fruits of its labor, the coaching staff feels it must be sure to keep their heads pointed in the right direction.

NCAA Football: Texas at Oklahoma Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Following the season-opening loss to the Maryland Terrapins, Texas Longhorns head coach Tom Herman received nine text messages. Following the win over the Oklahoma Sooners, Herman had a few more, and to him that’s the secret to keeping his team focused the week after a big win.

“Roughly about 24 hours after the game ended, I was up to 197 text messages,” Herman said in his Monday press conference. “I think these guys understand that the people in that locker room and the people in our program are the ones that are going to love them and be by their side regardless of outcome regardless of ranking, regardless of what is said about them.”

With the challenge of playing three ranked teams in four weeks now in the past, coming home to play against the Baylor Bears could pose a letdown situation for Texas. Given th recent history in the program, it’s important for the team to stay focused each and every week.

“I mean, it’s an impossibility almost that we would have any kind of letting off of the gas or arrogance or think we’re going to roll our helmets out and think we’re going to win football games because have you seen the last four years?” Herman said. “Hopefully someday, our C game will be good enough to beat some people but right now I think our kids really, really believe that we have to play our best to win.”

As the team continues to grow and win, one thing that the coaches feel they have to keep tabs on is expectations. Herman feels it’s dangerous any time the player’s minds shift to an expectation of winning.

“I just think there is a level of arrogance maybe that comes with expecting to win that I don’t know that I ever really want our guys to have,” Herman said. “I want them to understand that each week is a freakin’ battle. We don’t expect anything other than what we’ve earned.”

Players and coaches will have to keep their mind sharp as they get set to enjoy their first home game in three weeks against the Bears. Baylor is 4-2 on the year and coming off of a narrow 37-34 win over the Kansas State Wildcats at home.