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Texas AD Chris Del Conte explains what happened on the Texas Tech sideline

No, CDC wasn’t ejected.

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TCU Announces Decision to Join Big 12 Conference Photo by Brandon Wade/Getty Images

On Saturday evening, as the Texas Longhorns battled the Texas Tech Red Raiders to an intense finish at Jones AT&T Stadium, ripples spread through the Twitterwebs when Brian Davis reported that Texas athletics director Chris Del Conte was ejected from the game:

After the game, Del Conte termed it a “false alarm,” but it wasn’t until he released his weekly newsletter that he shared the full details of what happened:

While I’ve got you, let me clear up something that went viral in the Twittersphere Saturday. I did make my way down to the field in the fourth quarter as I always do but, rest assured, reports of my expulsion from the premises of Jones AT&T Stadium were greatly exaggerated. I was on the sideline and I can confirm that there was some raucous heckling coming from the fans towards the officials. I was collateral damage as a result of the taunting and temporarily requested to leave the sideline area by said officials, who thought I was among those taking jabs at their work. Fortunately, one of Lubbock’s finest police officers was standing next to me and confirmed that I had nothing to do with the boisterous activity and I was allowed to remain on the field. I saw every breathtaking second of our magnificent victory from the sidelines and proudly shook the hands of our men as they exited the field after that glorious win.

Call it much ado about nothing.