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Yes, Bellmont Is Still Rich

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Oklahoma v Texas Photo by Richard W. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Yes, the athletic department is still posting staggering financial numbers. Texas’ new revenue total is the largest single-year amount for a Division I public school.

The University of Texas athletics department reported about $215 million in operating revenues for the 2017 fiscal year, against $207 million in operating expenses, USA Today reports.

This marks the first time an athletics department of a Division I public school posted at least $200 million in both operating revenues and expenses.

Warning...Shaka Smart could be on the hot seat very soon.

What is it like to recruit football players at UT? Texas Longhorns Director of Player Personnel, Derek Chang talks recruiting for the Horns vs. Houston to Stewart Mandel and Bruce Feldman.

There are going to be a bunch of names you never heard of playing baseball for Texas this season.

Of the 39 players on the 2018 Texas roster, 21 have never played baseball for the Longhorns. Most are fresh out of high school. Some have transferred from different schools. No matter their stories, the new group must collectively step up to the plate in order to make their transition seamless.

Can Texas make a run at the college football playoff this year?

Don’t worry, Tom Herman didn’t forget special teams.

According to Sports Illustrated, UT also pulled in the best group of specialists. That will be music to fans’ ears. Punter and kicker were both positions of need for Texas, which lost Ray Guy Award winner Michael Dickson to the NFL and hasn’t had a standout kicker since Mack Brown roamed the sideline.

FYI. Herman is Tweeting again.

Texas is tied with The Ohio State University for the No. 2 overall spot in college football victories. Notre Dame had to vacate 21 wins between 2012 and 2013 because of academic misconduct.

One of Gary Patterson’s former players credits the coach for changing his life.

West Virginia and Rutgers got into a Twitter spat.

Johnny Manziel is back in football with the Spring League. After being treated for substance abuse and bipolar disorder, Manziel believes he has changed.