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Don’t Give Up On Basketball

Daily Round Up: Tuesday, February 20, 2018

NCAA Basketball: Texas at Oklahoma Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The men’s basketball team plays Kansas State on Wednesday, but please don’t give up on the team just yet.

“It’s a battlefield,” Smart said during his Monday media availability. “We’ve got two weeks left in the regular season and I think the teams that are able find a way to be mentally sharp, and that’s a choice, are going to have the best chance.”

They’re still breathing.

Mark your calendar. The Orange-White game is April 21.

Malik Jefferson said there is no excuse for Texas in 2018.

“They’re going to be good,” Jefferson said when asked where Texas is headed. “I have all of the faith in them to go out and win as many games as they can this year. I told them 12.”

Around the 40 Acres. The women’s basketball team lost to Baylor, the softball team lent 2–2 in the Puerto Vallarta College Challenge in Mexico, and the baseball team dropped the last game of the Louisiana-Lafayette series. The good news? The swimming and diving team prepares to take the Big 12 championship again this year.

Former Texas and current A&M assistant football coach Tim Brewster is drinking the SEC kool-aid. Sam Ehlinger had something to say about that.

A Dave Campbell’s Texas football demographic study found that minority head coaches are underrepresented in Texas high school football.

The study examined the 253 teams that make up the University Interscholastic League’s Class 6A, the largest schools in Texas high school football, with enrollments of 2,190 and higher. Of those 253 coaches, 179 are white; 45 are black; 28 are Hispanic; and one is Pacific Islander.

SB Nation looked at 150 years of college football national champions and Texas A&M won in 1939. Really, they did. Sorta.

1939: Texas A&M. Cornell went undefeated and claims it. SRS and Sagarin rank the Big Red No. 1.

You know it is the off-season when the only thing someone is writing about is a Texas-A&M post-breakup tracker.

Has our beloved Drag lost its charm?

UT alumnus Rick Church has given a 12 million donation to the Longhorn Band.