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Baker Mayfield Is A Troll

Daily Round Up: February 8, 2018

Reese's Senior Bowl Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

“The core of every one of our signing classes is going to be from the state of Texas,” Herman said. “(With) the numbers of good football players in the state, it makes no sense not to do that. Kids grow up wanting to play for the University of Texas … the bulk of every one of our classes from now until the time we leave here is going to be from the state of Texas.” - Tom Herman

Tom Herman cleaned up this year, but Texas was one of the schools with the fewest offers to 2018 prospects.

Texas cornerbacks coach Jason Washington is one of the nation’s best recruiters. He came in third in the race for National Recruiter of the Year. Texas safeties coach Craig Naivar came in at No. 24 and assistant coach Derek Warehime finished as the fourth best recruiter in the Big 12.

The Texas recruit stampede was stopped this year.

n 2017, the Texas Longhorns didn’t sign a top 10 high school player from the state for the first time in the history of the Composite rankings, and UT only signed two players in the state’s top 25. Texas A&M, TCU, and Texas Tech each signed two. It was an unprecedented raid on the state’s top talent by outside suitors, most notably Ohio State, Stanford, and LSU.

The men’s basketball team lost to K-State at home on Wednesday. TCU is up next on Saturday.

Andrew Jones is making progress in his fight against leukemia.

Remember when Lane Kiffen offered the 13-year-old a scholarship to USC? In case you didn’t realize it, he is playing wide receiver at West Virginia.

Baker Mayfield is still a troll.