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Grad transfer OT Calvin Anderson is a man on a mission for Texas football

The Austin native is ready for put on for his city and his new teammates.

Calvin Anderson
via @THE_CONDA25

“The pride and winning tradition of The University of Texas will not be entrusted to the weak nor the timid.”

Standing in front of the mural in the Texas Longhorns football facilities with the above iconic phrase is one thing. Living that truth is something different.

Graduate transfer offensive tackle Calvin Anderson is ready to do exactly that as he returns to his home city for a final year of college football after leaving the Rice Owls.

Anderson didn’t become one of the top returning offensive tackles in the country by talking. Earning a degree in mathematical economics from an extremely respected academic institution while excelling on the football field is not a small accomplishment, either.

So don’t doubt the 6’5, 300-pounder who signed with the Longhorns in March. He’s too driven for that negativity. When Anderson gets challenged, he responds.

After coming out of Austin Westlake as a consensus two-star prospect, Anderson is heading to Texas to prepare himself for the NFL, but he’s also focused on everything that he can accomplish in burnt orange and white to get himself to the next level. So this isn’t just a means to an end.

Every Longhorns fan should appreciate Anderson for his ability to elevate the Texas offensive line and how critical his addition will be for the program in 2018, but a deep affection for Anderson is already deserved because of his dedication to be the best version of himself for the ‘Horns.