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Postseason Regional baseball is back in Austin!

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For the first time since 2011, Texas will be playing at the Disch to start the NCAA Tournament.

UFCU Disch-Falk Field

The Texas Longhorns earned the No. 13 overall national seed and will be hosting a regional in this years NCAA Tournament. Despite going 0-2 in the Big 12 tournament, the regular season Big 12 title proved to be the difference between hosting and not hosting for the Longhorns, as the selection committee valued conference record and conference championships more than anything this year.

How important is hosting a regional? Texas had an astounding 27-7 home record with one series loss compared to a 9-11 record away from home. The lone series Texas lost at home was against No. 2 overall national seed Stanford.

The full bracket and all regional matchups were announced on Monday morning. Texas drew the No. 2 seeded Indiana Hoosiers, No. 3 seeded Texas A&M Aggies and No. 4 seeded Texas Southern Tigers as the three other teams in their regional. A possible Longhorn-Aggie matchup looms depending on how things play out. If both teams win or both teams lose first game, the rivals will matchup against each other game two. Texas A&M defeated Texas 6-5 at the rowdy Blue Bell Park back in April.

The Austin Regional is matched up with the Oxford Regional, where the SEC tournament champions and No. 4 overall national seeded Ole Miss Rebels are the host.

No. 1 seed Texas will begin tournament play against No. 4 seed Texas Southern this Friday at 8:00 p.m. CT and will be televised on the Longhorn Network. Texas Southern won the SWAC Tournament Championship to earn a postseason berth. The Longhorns beat the Tigers 10-2 in a weekday matchup earlier this year in Austin. No. 2 seed Indiana will face No. 3 seed Texas A&M in the early game at 4:00 p.m. CT on ESPN2.

Four other teams from the Big 12 qualified for the NCAA Tournament. Among them were No. 1 seed (No. 9 overall national seed) Texas Tech, No. 2 seed Baylor, No. 3 seed Oklahoma and No. 3 seed Oklahoma State.

All-session tickets for June 1-4 at Disch-Falk Field are on sale now and can be purchased here.