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Pierce Is Substance Over Style

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Daily Round Up: June 12. 2018

Notre Dame v Texas Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

“This is definitely what my class and the class above me have been working for. Omaha is the goal.” — Kody Clemens.

David Pierce is substance over style. Pierce doesn’t worry about being a media darling or a fan favorite, he just knows how to win. “With Texas back in the College World Series for a record 36th time, it seems the program is keeping pace with Pierce’s abbreviated timeline. Coach Pierce knows his personnel, and he uses it to an elite level,” Bragga said. “Man, they know what they’re doing.”

The 36 appearances are only seven fewer than the rest of the Big 12 combined. And seven more than the entire Big Ten.

Augie’s legacy lives on through Longhorn baseball. “It’s there, Pierce said. “When you have the mystique of Augie and what he meant to this game and what he meant to this university, that presence is definitely there.”

USA Today has a preview of all eight teams in the CWS.

Freshmen at Texas are generally happier than freshmen at Oklahoma.

Bleacher Report has the tv schedule and bracket. Texas plays Arkansas at 2pm on Sunday, June 17th.


ESPN has Texas as one of the most promising teams in 2020. “Two factors drive Texas into a higher slot than teams that rate higher in the unit rankings. The recruiting surge in Austin can’t be denied here, as Tom Herman’s first full class finished No. 3 in ESPN’s national rankings, and the 2019 class is beginning to build,” Rittenberg said. “Texas also has quickly upgraded its defense, which should continue to thrive under Todd Orlando after signing ESPN’s top three safeties in the 2018 class.

This season will be all about the offensive line. “The Longhorns should be able to improve by two wins in part because they’ll field a deeper offensive line. By the end of the 2017 regular season, they were so thin up front that the offense was barely functional. A defense that carried Texas for much of last season must replace some key pieces (DT Poona Ford, LB Malik Jefferson, S DeShon Elliott), but coordinator Todd Orlando seems capable of plugging in younger players without much dropoff.”

Will Todd Orlando avoid the two-year slump? “There’s a lot working in Orlando’s favor that will keep the defense from falling off of a cliff. If everything comes together and clicks the way the Longhorns hope, Orlando will more likely field one of the better defenses in the Big 12 as opposed to being saddled with a group of stoppers unable to help Texas win games.”

Sam Ehlinger was admitted to the McCombs School of Business.