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Texas signee Simeon Woods-Richardson inks with the New York Mets

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The big right-handed pitcher got $400,000 more than the estimated slot bonus.

Simeon Woods-Richardson
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Texas Longhorns baseball signee Simeon Woods-Richardson is headed to play professional baseball after signing a deal with the New York Mets on Friday, according to’s Jim Callis.

The 6’4, 210-pounder from Sugar Land Kempner was selected in the second round with the 48th overall pick and appeared likely to skip college given that his estimated slot bonus was nearly $1.5 million.

Instead, Callis reported that Woods-Richardson secured $1.85 million from the Mets.

Woods-Richardson was one of three Longhorns signees selected in the MLB Draft and the most likely to opt for professional baseball. The rest of the Texas draftees have until July 6 to make a decision about their respective futures.