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Texas agrees to settle Bev Kearney’s discrimination lawsuit

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After years in the court system, there’s finally a resolution in the lawsuit filed by the former women’s track coach.

Bev Kearney in 2010
Kirby Lee — USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, former Texas Longhorns women’s track coach Bev Kearney reached a settlement with the university in her racial and sexual discrimination lawsuit, according to the Associated Press.

The terms were not immediately disclosed in the case, which will now be dismissed.

Kearney originally filed the lawsuit in 2013 following her resignation. In 2002, she had a “intimate consensual relationship” with an athlete that resulted in her departure.

At the heart of her lawsuit, however, was the claim that there was a culture of such inappropriate relationships at Texas and that she was treated differently as a result of her race and sexual orientation.

In fact, her lawyer found more than 10 instances of inappropriate relationships between staffers and subordinates in addition to an incident involving former football assistant coach Major Applewhite and a student trainer.