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Andrew Jones approved to take web-based coursework at Texas, move into a dorm room

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The guard continues to receive treatment, but Shaka Smart called this development a “positive step.”

NCAA Basketball: Texas at VCU Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Almost six months exactly after the leukemia diagnosis of Texas Longhorns guard Andrew Jones became public, the school announced on Thursday that the junior is back on campus and taking classes once again.

After Jones began receiving treatment in January, he was forced to withdraw from school.

“We’re really happy that Andrew Jones has been approved to enroll in web-based coursework for the first session of summer school today,” head coach Shaka Smart said in a statement. “Andrew continues to receive treatment, but this is another positive step in his recovery. He will move into a dorm room, which will allow him to have a home base here during the times he is on campus. It will be great to have him around more, as he continues his fight.”

Moving back to Austin and enrolling in classes again is another important step for Jones as he continues his attempted comeback to play basketball for the Longhorns again this season. He’ll be able to spend more time around the program and work to regain the strength he’s lost due to his treatments.

Texas has a scholarship available for him if he is able to return this fall.