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D’shawn Jamison still working at CB in addition to WR

Tom Herman seemingly wasn’t aware of Jamison’s media guide listing at wide receiver.

D’shawn Jamison

Following Monday’s news that Texas Longhorns freshman D’shawn Jamison was listed at wide receiver instead of cornerback on the team’s roster, head coach Tom Herman said that the plan is not to move Jamison to offense permanently.

“He’s going to play both this season. He’s been working at both,” Herman said at Big 12 Medias Days on Tuesday.

Since the 5’10, 180-pounder arrived with the other summer enrollees in late May, he’s been participating in drills at wide receiver and defensive back, according to Herman. So the Longhorns do intend to use Jamison at slot receiver this season.

“We approached D’Shawn and said, ‘Hey, we’ve got a need for some dynamism at that slot receiver position, and you certainly have it. The DB room is pretty packed this year, not to say that you can’t crack into it, but we’d like for you to at least get some work at slot receiver and see how it goes,’” Herman said. “By all accounts, he’s having a pretty good offseason.”

The plan is to use Jamison on offense as a “stop-gap measure,” but Herman quickly indicated that if the Houston Lamar product is successful at slot receiver, he could stick there.

“He may go light the world on fire and may say, ‘Hey coach, can I stay here?’” Herman said.